Join two sisters as they walk through the forest.  Strewn with obstacles both real and imagined, it will take Ola and Buford working together to navigate these woods. Will they find their way home, or will they wander deeper into the forest?

Ola & Buford: A game about family, love, teamwork and moving forward together... even if the path forward seems unclear and the path behind you is broken beyond

This is a demo, the full game will be released soon.


WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement / UI Navigation

SPACE - Action Button

== CREDITS: ==

Tristan Damron: Software Engineer, Project Manager, SFX/Music Producer, Game Designer.

Jesse David Morgan: Game Designer, Writer, UI Designer, Animator, Musician

Anya Bogorad: Character and Environment Artist, Game Designer.

Sandy Point Gamehouse (@sandypointgames) is Jesse David Morgan (@seaofmorgan) and Tristan Damron (@twomo_). Ola and Buford is a project made for Global Game Jam 2021 featuring art from Anya Bogorad (@abogmonster).

Donations are optional, but greatly appreciated. All donation proceeds will be shared between the developers equally.

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